Rhymes, Alliteration, and Irony in Creativity

in Creativity

Getting into the creative flow is not easy. It's not easy for writers who often complain of writer's block, and it's not easy for artists, innovators, or those that are on deadline to produce something incredible for an advertising or marketing client. Still for those that work in the field of creativity, they are getting paid to do something that they love to do; to create and innovate and go beyond, to make people think and to laugh, or to cry, or to beg for more as they hold their guts and fall onto the floor is sheer laughter and delight.

But how does one get into the creative flow, to ditch the right side of their brain for a moment and allow their left side to take over and run like the wind? There are many exercises that creative people go through almost like a ritual of a sports star before their competition. It sports we call it getting into the zone and for those in the creative and innovative fields we call it "being one with the creative flow."

Perhaps, it isn't as important what you call it, the question is; how do you get there? For those that use the left side of their brain all the time, it's not so hard but for those of us that live in the real world most of the time we need a few tips, tricks, and techniques. Let me explain a few that I use.

If you'll just get your mind thinking of rhymes, and stringing together words of alliteration and start mixing the two with a little irony thrown in, you can get into the innovative groove pretty quickly. Maybe you have seen The Poetry Jams, where people get up and have to make very fast rhyming poems to music that has a cadence of a rap song. It's amazing what they can do, but because they are using the left side of their brain and they let it go.

If you can begin to do this, you can get into the creative flow in less than five minutes. And you won't believe the things you come up with, the ideas, concepts and innovations, it is the work of sheer creative genius. And all you have to do is get there, so try my techniques and see if they work for you, they've been working for me for nearly a decade now.

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Rhymes, Alliteration, and Irony in Creativity

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This article was published on 2010/03/29