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What makes a person successful is creativity and vision. That is what separates the immensely successful from the rest of the crowd. Effective leadership is based on creativity and vision. Once you discover your own creativity and vision you would automatically get the energy to put things into action, you will get the passion to continue with your work and leadership will come naturally to you.

Everyone has creativity and vision in themselves, but they mostly remain buried deep into our psyche when we give more importance to other trivial things. What you need to do is to uncover the dust and grime and rediscover your own creativity and vision. If you really want to be successful, you would need to have these two essential traits, since they alone are the ones that have the power to make your future bright.

Creativity is what will set you apart from the rest of the crowd, all of whom are trying to be successful with their ideas. Your own ideas must be different than all; you cannot succeed based on ideas that are copied from someone else. Creativity will help you to be different than the rest, to have unique ideas which you can later put into practice and succeed.

Vision is the ability to see in the future and know what you would be facing on the road to success. It doesn't involve predicting the future events, it just involves the ability to think of long term and staying prepared for whatever problems you might be facing later.
There are four essential steps that are involved in rediscovering your creativity and vision. Those steps are listed below:

· The first step is to realize that change is essential. You must know that if you remain unchanged nothing good would happen. You must be motivated and ready to change whatever you need to change about yourself. Once you know that you need to change you can take a few steps to encourage the flow of creativity naturally within yourself.

· The second vital element is discipline. Nothing can ever materialize if you are not disciplined enough, once you make a decision you need to stick to it and practice every single day. Remember, if you want to bring out your creativity and vision you need to practice every single day. Whatever form it is that you are trying to apply your creativity to, painting, dancing or business ideas, you need to work on them constantly.

· The third element is focus. Focus on what you are working on and nothing else. When your mind would be too full of other trivial matters you would not be able to bring out the creativity that you have in yourself. Learn to be focused.

· When you follow these three steps you would automatically reach the fourth stage, discovery of the creativity and vision hidden inside you. When you let go of all the unnecessary thoughts from your mind you would come across a wealth of unique creative ideas and visions.
Creativity and vision requires ceaseless work to maintain, by following the steps mentioned above you too can rediscover and maintain your creativity and vision.

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Discover Creativity and Vision in Yourself - Lead With Your Vision

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Discover Creativity and Vision in Yourself - Lead With Your Vision

This article was published on 2011/07/01